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The Root of every Good Valentine: The Heart!
How’s your heart? $25 Off Cardio Testing
when you schedule through the  month of March!


With Valentine’s this week, we would like to remind you of how important it is to take care of your heart.  The American Heart Association lists coronary heart disease and stroke as the number 1 and number 3 killers of Americans.  High blood pressure affects nearly 1 in 3 American adults.  Recent research also shows that one out of every two women will have an occurrence with heart disease.  The American Heart Association also recommends that heart attack prevention should begin at the age of twenty.  This means that you must assess your risk factors, and then work to keep those factors low.  We have wonderful products to assist with heart healthy maintenance.  For the month of February & March, we will be offering a $25 discount!  The test is quick, painless, and can easily be done on your lunch hour. (Call in to get the discount)


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