Comprehensive Body Scan
Includes full body screening & profile on the L.I.F.E. System and the MenlaScan System.
A New appointment is about a hour long depending on results of the test.
NEW CLIENT:                              $350.00

30 day follow up (optional)            $50.00

EXISTING (ANNUAL):                  $200.00
NEW SENIOR CITIZEN:              $250.00
NEW STUDENT:                         $200.00
CHILDREN 10 & under               $100.00
CARDIOVASCULAR ONLY           $175.00
SPECIFIC ISSUE TEST               $65.00 (30 min appointment on 1-3 issues)

CONSULTATION                           $65.00

Zyto Elite Full Body Testing        $150.00

Zyto Elite Food Allergy Testing   $65.00
THERMOGRAPHY:                      $199.00
Includes interpretation by a medical doctor.

Interactive Metronome
Interactive Metronome:                                      $50.00

Lymphatic Drainage
LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE ON ST8:                           $100.00/HR

Whole Body Vibration
WHOLE BODY VIBRATION:                                    $10.00

Alphabiotic Alignment
ALPHABIOTIC ALIGNMENT:                                  $25.00

Infrared Sauna
INFRARED SAUNA WITH COLOR LIGHTS:       $35.00 or pack of 10 for $200.00

Ozone Options

Ozone Sauna:                                                $40.00 or pack of 10 for $250.00

Ozone Through Nasal Cannula:                        $17.00

Ozone Through Ear Canal:                               $13.00

Ozone Rectal Insufflation:                               $20.00 (includes bag)