Hormonal Harmony (or lack thereof…)

Hormones often get a bad rap, but when in proper balance, they can be some of our greatest allies.  Hormones control everything from moods to fertility and everything in between. They are the chemical messengers of the body.  If our lives get too out of balance, our hormones often follow.  Not enough sleep, too much sugar, caffeine, alcohol, lack of exercise, poor diet, hormone-disrupting chemicals in the environment--these are some of the biggest culprits of hormone imbalance.  If hormones are left unbalanced, issues like diabetes, weight gain or loss, infertility, weak bones, mood disorders, or other problems can arise.  Before starting a weight loss plan, it is very helpful to address the hormonal aspect first.

    Some of the most obvious solutions are life style related and can be remedied by making simple changes.  These changes might include: getting enough sleep, exercising, not consuming excessive amounts of sugar/alcohol, clearing out chemicals in the home that are toxic and endocrine-disrupting, consuming sufficient amounts of quality fat (fat & cholesterol are precursors to hormones--required for their production), among other things.  

    There are several ways to identify the state of your hormones.  North Texas Wellness Center utilizes biofeedback to gather information on a client's hormonal state.  It is completely non-invasive.   From there, we can make client-specific homeopathics to help bring hormones into harmony.  We also have several products that, in addition to life-style changes & homeopathy, can restore hormonal balance quickly and safely. 

When hormones are properly balanced, weight regulation, energy levels and moods quickly come into harmony.  

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