Progesterone Cream

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Progesterone Cream for Women

Progesterone is a hormone that scientific studies show helps reduces many of the symptoms of menopause, premenopause, and osteoporosis.

Signs of low Progesterone:
Breast tenderness
Cervical dysplasia
Decreased sex drive
Fat gain - especially around the abdomen, hips, & thighs
Fibrocystic breasts
Hot flashes
Irregular menstrual periods
Migraine headaches
Mood swings
Night sweats
Skin conditions (i.e. acne, seborrhea, Rosaceae, psoriasis, keratosis)
Water retention
Vaginal dryness

Scientific studies have shown that many of the above symptoms and conditions may be caused by excess estrogen ingestion and alleviated
by use of a transdermal natural progesterone cream applied twice daily for three to six months. Why Do Many Women Need Supplemental
Progesterone? All estrogen without the balance of progesterone will increase cell proliferation and can be precursors or causes of cancer
(breast, uterus, cervix, ovaries, etc.) and can cause many of the above symptoms and conditions. We are living in a sea of estrogen.

From the birth control pill to hormone replacement therapy HRT to synthetic chemicals to phyto estrogens, we ingest estrogen from youth
to grave. Environmental and food sources which contain high levels of estrogen like compounds may cause symptoms of EOS (estrogen overload
syndrome), even if you never used the birth control pill or HRT. The use of a natural progesterone will curtail the cellular proliferation
effects of estrogen. In nature the body regulates the production of estrogen and progesterone. However, we are exposed to so many
extraneous sources of estrogen that many young, middle aged and elderly women suffer from symptoms that are brought about by estrogen
overload thus requiring supplemental progesterone.

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