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Multi-Enzyme, Probiotic, and Prebiotic Blend

Digestive3 is a powerful formula uniquely designed with proprietary blends of enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics to break down gluten proteins by targeting both internal and external peptide bonds.*

Digestive3 goes beyond the traditional DPPIV enzyme, offering superior degradation of gluten proteins by breaking down unhydrolyzed gluten peptides.* Additionally, the highly specialized prebiotic, PreForPro® is unique in supporting the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in both the small and large intestines.* This plays a critical role in breaking down gluten and other proteins to promote a healthy intestinal tract.*

This product is shown to produce 99% digestion of all 8 major antigens (wheat, dairy, soy, egg, nuts, fish, hemp, pea) within 90 minutes. The probiotic in Digestive3, in the dosages used in our product, has been shown in a USA University study to ‘normalize cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose where you see a reduction compared to placebo’.

One Capsule Contains:

Proprietary Multi-Enzyme Blend          189 mg

Endopeptidase                           75,000 HUT

Protease                                500 SAPU

Exopeptidase                            125 DPPIV

Probiotic Blend                         5 billion live organisms

  Saccharomyces boulardii strain DBVPG 6763

  Bacillus subtilis strain DE111®

  Lactobacillus acidophilus strain ATC# SD5212

Prebiotic - PreForPro®                  7.5 mg

   LH01 – Myoviridae

   LL5 – Siphoviridae

   T4D – Myoviridae

   LL12 – Myoviridae

Other Ingredients: Sugar beet fiber (non-GMO), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and water (vegetable capsule), medium-chain triglycerides.

Storage: Store refrigerated.

This product is not intended to replace a gluten-free diet and is not suitable to treat or prevent celiac disease.