Memory Works

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MemoryWorks™ is a uniquely blended formula for enhanced focus, concentration, and energy. The single serve packets are great for on-the-go use, just pour the packet in water and enjoy.


MemoryWorks™ is an ultra premier brain health drink mix formulated with Internationally Researched Bio-Energetic Nutrients, Botanical Ingredients, co-enzymated B-vitamins, amino acids and Kreb’s Cycle Intermediates all designed to assist your fast-paced lifestyle. This portable blend makes MemoryWorks™ a perfect solution for anyone wanting to experience the benefits of Bio-Energetic Nutrients – not to mention its delicious natural berry flavor!


MemoryWorks™ is built to be the “cleanest brain health drink on the planet” and frankly, that’s not easy to do! In fact, it’s close to impossible to find functional beverages, ready-to-drink products, and drink mixes even in health food stores that are not compromised and loaded with short-cuts like grams of simple sugars, artificial sweeteners, additives, toxic preservatives, or cheap synthetic store-bought multivitamin ingredients like cyanocobalamin.


We asked a simple question: “How in the world can so many products claim to be healthy if they’re loaded with ingredients that nutritionally oriented consumers know they don’t want in their brain or body?” So we set out to create a functional drink mix that every adult could feel good about drinking every day. For this reason, MemoryWorks™ proudly features:

Zero artificial colors
Zero artificial sweeteners
Zero artificial favors
Zero artificial preservatives
Zero acidic carbonation
Zero added sucrose, dextrose, fructose or glucose
Zero sugary fruit juice concentrates
Zero cyanocobalamin
Zero magnesium oxide
Zero titanium dioxide